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Chobe Wildlife Rescue's Mission: To preserve, protect and provide veterinary care and rehabilitation for wildlife in Chobe National Park, in Botswana Africa.

Chobe National Park in Northern Botswana, is the last large bastion of wildlife foothold in the world. This unique and fragile ecosystem supports over 160,000 elephants. That is over half the population of elephants in the entire world. It is truly rich in many other wildlife species as well.

Twenty kilometers to the northeast lays Zimbabwe. The devastation and eradication of wildlife and environment is unbelievable, with many conservationists doing their best to reverse the situation. To the east lies Mozambique, which has been decimated by years of civil war and millions of land mines planted, which have eliminated the large herds that once roamed there. Zambia to the north has pockets of wildlife, but the depressed economy and corruption have left most of that land desolate. These areas are not far away from Northern Botswana, and greedy ivory poaching syndicates have set their eyes on this wonderland called Chobe National Park. There is nowhere else to go.

The goals of Chobe Wildlife Rescue (CWR) consists of saving and rehabilitating injured and sick wildlife. In the field, Dr. Wilson (Director of CWR) has treated many animals suffering from gunshot wounds to debilitating disease, and many other injuries sustained in the wild. Most are treated in the field and continue to have a wonderful second lease on life. On many occasions animals have to be hospitalized for intensive veterinary care. CWR's goal is to rehabilitate them back into the wild. CWR has had many successes, and some failures, but in all cases pain was relieved and love given and received freely.

With a refusal to see any animal suffer, CWR and Dr. Clay, have a policy to take whatever steps necessary to treat or relieve suffering. Anti-poaching efforts are clearly needed, as poaching syndicates widen their circle of geography and vulnerable species, plying their wildlife killing and illegal trade business.

The conservation, wildlife veterinary work and anti-poaching efforts that Chobe Wildlife Rescue provides in Botswana, is vital. Your support and assistance is needed to help CWR continue and to grow, in their very impressive wildlife work in Botswana Africa.

Goals of CWR, beyond treating animals on a daily basis, on a volunteer basis

1. Issuance by H.E. of a full time helicopter and antipoaching unit to respond 24/7 to poaching and security issues here on the border

2. Introduction of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) with infrared capability that will patrol the park automatically and detect insurgents (the company providing this has just improved their product to be much more effective and cost manageable).

3. Lion collaring with satellite receivers. (Also other predators). Maximum of four collars to dominant females of new prides that that have moved into waterfront after last yearís kill off from canine distemper. Proof that lions have been exposed to this virus and other diseases in hope that State veterinarian will make it mandatory for annual vaccination of domestic dogs in close contact with wildlife. Understanding of their movements and habits as no research has been conducted on the waterfront for at least 8 years. All opinions are just conjecture and not scientifically conducted.

4. Construction of a research center where scientists from all over world can come and do their thesis. Providing them with a room, internet access and a meal. In exchange they will contribute their knowledge and be required to lecture at local schools. A comprehensive internet website collecting all past projects and future information to be available to the world. I find the researchers are very reserved in sharing information.

5. At the research center an Orphanage and rehabilitation hospital and facility to treat and reintroduce injured wildlife back into the park. Many countries have these facilities and have tremendous goodwill for the country showing that the management is proactive and does care.

6. Most importantly this center will be an education facility for all persons in Botswana. It is imperative that the children of this country are educated as to the importance of wildlife to their inheritance and future survival of our most important resource. That ball has already been set in motion with local students writing very involved essays in the hope that I will take them for a day in to the bush. An ocean starts with a drop of water and itís my hope that by educating these youngsters in a positive and constructive way that wildlife will be treated with respect instead of just considering them as a nuisance and meat as has been my experience with the local population on many occasions.

For these goals I have and am willing to commit the rest of my life and efforts to the most important ecosystem of Chobe that houses half the population of elephants of the world and in my belief is in dire danger. We have procured nonprofit status in USA where most donations will come from. We have over 2000 supporters on my Facebook page

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